Dr Vinoo Bheem

As a General Surgeon, Dr Bheem is involved in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases or conditions that usually require a surgical procedure or operation to manage. Some of these conditions may present acutely and require urgent attention, such as appendicitis or may be scheduled electively, such as gall stone disease. Currently many of these conditions can be treated either through an open or laparoscopic approach or under various forms of anesthesia; general, regional or local.

Examples of these conditions based on organ system involved are provided for ease of reference.

Breast diseases – benign and malignant

Thyroid conditions

Gallstone disease- open or laparoscopic

Hernia of various locations

Gastro-intestinal conditions from stomach, small bowel, colon and rectum

Anal and peri-anal diseases –hemorrhoids,fissures

Circulatory conditions affecting the lower limbs – ulcers, varicose veins and arterial disease

Diabetic and non diabetic foot problems and assessments

Lumps and other superficial lesions.

The assessment of a new patient with any of these typical complaints begins with either a GP (general or family practitioner's) referral letter or by direct telephone access to our secretary. Waiting times are short, usually a few days at most but more serious complaints can be seen after hours, or on a weekend, as necessary, at the Victoria Nursing Home. Equally telephone message from patients in our practice or their carers are answered the same day as time permits.
Some surgical conditions may not always need an operation but do definitely require a direct examination, scans (ultra sound or CT) or X-Rays, blood investigations and even review assessments as determined upon consultation.
Advances in surgery also means that most patients do not spend many days in hospital after an operation or procedure and many can be safely  discharged the same day or at most after an overnight stay, thus reducing overall cost to our clients.
At this practice we try our best to relieve your anxiety regarding any operation or procedure with a thorough explanation of the steps involved using diagrams or media, including the risks involved and what can be done to minimize these.
We strongly believe in putting our patients first, so feel free to make an appointment, or to even refer a friend.