As a Speech Language Pathologist Sirlon works with a diverse group of clientele. These include children and/or adults who have communication disorders voice, speech and language disorders, swallowing and feeding disorders, learning disabilities, hearing loss and dementia.

At The Speech and Language Holistic Therapy Service (SLHTS), Sirlon involves the clients and their families in the therapy process of developing practical and fucntional goals to meet their communication needs. Once assessment is completed, Sirlon implements and revises the relevant treatment plans along with the familes, with ongoing monitoring of client’s progress. Sirlon uses her expertise in a manner that is functional and practical to help clients in their everyday communication experiences.

Her key focus is early Intervention and using other means of communication (sign language, pictures, voice output devices etc.), to give a voice to those otherwise that wouldn't have one. Sirlon specializes in working with young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other related disabilities. ASD is a developmental communication disorder that affects the child’s ability to communicate appropriately with those around them. Without the ability to communicate appropriately we lose our human connection.

SLHTS continuously strive to provide quality service that is necessary for best outcomes for the clients and their families in a therapeutic and family oriented environment. See the following link for more on Sirlon